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Alexa Lynch

Many of my stories include sexy texting, which is often a catalyst for lovers to connect before they commit to physical temptation. Most often the texts start innocent between forbidden or taboo relationships, but attraction takes over for a fulfilling climax in the end.

I’ve found sexting stimulating in my personal life. After a long heated day in the Arizona desert, a sensual exchange with an equally hard body cools me into a hot frenzy.

I insert a lustful amount of texts in my erotic shorts and tempting novellas. If a sexy text message is sent, or an erotic tale is passed along, as a writer I’ll weave it into a story just for you.
I know some of my stories are read under the covers and I thank you for inviting me into your personal space. I hope you enjoy my musings. If you do, I’d be delighted if you left me an honest review.
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Can’t Stop Sexting my Step is one of my first shorts published and still one of my favorites. The couple speaks to me in an erotic and innocent way.

Santa’s Big Package is a short naughty and I like to think is happening in malls nationwide.

Reunion with Cowboys was written with my own high school reunion in mind. If only I could be in Britt’s shoes.

My very first publication. It’s the closest to my heart and tempts me every time I read it.

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